Thursday, January 6, 2011

what's the stitch?

Welcome devoted stitchers of all sorts! Are you obsessed with thread, yarn, or embroidery floss? Me, too :) I’m an all around crafter with LOTS of interests.  I try just about anything and I usually jump into any craft or project head-first.  Consequently, I have a TON of unfinished projects.  And the way I see it, there are four steps in getting your craft on: (1) starting; (2) creating, (3) finishing, and (4) sharing.

I'm really good at the first two steps.  Like, real good.  But I definitely fall short fail when it comes to steps 3 and 4.  Enter Internet!  I love browsing and perusing through blog upon blog.  It's definitely inspiring, which is definitely dangerous.  Half the time I start yet another project...  And the other half, I spend living vicariously through all the finished projects ;)

So I started thinking (also dangerous), how fun it would be to have an online craft group!  I'm jealous of my mom's quilt group.  But my home is too small to start one of my own.  Enter The Stitchy Niche!  A place where fellow crafters get the point.